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Our benefactors

C&M Lifeline

Nightingale is a C&M Lifeline project


Everyone is equal in God's Heart, but every day many people encounter life's experiences or family tragedies causing great stress emotionally, physically, and spiritually. When C&M Lifeline becomes aware of specific needs, we step in to provide needed funding and help alleviate the financial stress where otherwise there might be no assistance.

C&M Lifeline voluntarily advises the local management of Nightingale and coordinates closely with the Episcopal Church of Honduras to help ensure its sustainability.

Nightingale Board


Since 2016, C&M LifeLine and its team of volunteers – architects, medical advisors, builders, planners, coordinators, educational advisors, and fundraisers – have been busy working on developing the Nightingale campus and capacities for the longevity of its school and clinic.

Sponsoring Organizations

The First Presbyterian Church of Dunedin, FL

They gave us our first grant through its Dana Beck Fancher Foundation. This let us begin remodeling the San Bartolomé campus for the Nightingale school and clinic. The church organized a mission to visit Nightingale in January 2020.

St. Christopher Episcopal Church of League City, TX

They are a longstanding supporter to Nightingale Nursing School and also organized a mission to visit in January 2020.

Construcciones Ecologicas

Designed the San Bartolomé campus master plan and supervised construction. Experts in sustainable building methods, their architecture respects the culture, climate, and environment of Siguatepeque, Honduras.

Members of the Honduran Conference at the
Cathedral of St. Luke Orlando, FL

A very generous supporter of Nightingale. 

The Katherine Hammond Trust Fund

Her legacy is an early supporter that allowed us to set the foundation of the building.

Rotary International
Rotary of Flagler Beach, FL

We received an International Grant for $32,000 to build a multistep septic system.  Sponsored by from the Rotary Club of Flagler Beach, Florida, and the Club Rotario de Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The Morton Plant Mease Health Care Foundation in Clearwater, FL

Donated gently used furniture for the school and medical equipment for the community clinic.

Our dear family and friends

They have been among our largest contributors, donating to the construction of the building and to the scholarship fund. 


There are many levels at which we welcome your participation

We invite you to partner in our work for Nightingale!
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